Friday, January 21, 2011

Basic 8 - Maryse

Ohhhh Oui!

The blond bombshell herself has finally made her way strutting into her first Mattel series!

I have to say, I am awfully impressed - though this is a very simple figure, the only thing besides a little metallic purple that could make this figure sparkle any more would be a Diva's Championship (hint hint Mattel)!

The body is the same as Basic 7 Michelle McCool, and I believe Basic 5 Melina (I don't own Basic 6 Kelly Kelly to compare). It's pretty much a repaint, with a new head popped on, but it REALLY works for Maryse.

The torso could be leaner, heck, it'd be nice if ALL of the Diva's all had there own individually sculpted upper bodies, since they all were different tops and generally stick with the same style for a while - and none of them really look similar... but I know the idea just wouldn't be practical, though it is nice to dream, I digress.

While the attire isn't just bursting with detail, it does the job nicely. It's a great shade of purple, with metallic gold trim.

Rounding out this quick review, I have to mention the surprising inclusion of Maryse's own ink (of her father's name). I'm still getting used to a company really being this attentive to details!

Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for more VERY SOON!



  1. Hi Adam. I'm enjoying your site very much! I wanted to share a Maryse figure fix-up that I found online. The figure looks really good by adding some glitter. As soon as I purchase a Maryse, I will try to accomplish the same thing...

    You can find images of the figure here:

  2. I hope you add more pictures to your reviews