Saturday, January 22, 2011

Legends 4 - Demolition Ax

Here comes the Ax, I can't find the Smasher - it's still one half of Demolition, walking disaster!

I wanted to hold off on this until I snagged Smash, and do a full on Demolition review, but I just couldn't wait once I started taking single photos of this guy. Mattel, we are NOT worthy.

This figure is AWESOME. I know I say that a lot, but man it's so true. This smokes previous variations of Ax something ridiculous! The head sculpt is off the hook, the "face paint" is killer, and the gear! HOLY CRAP THE GEAR!

It feels like Christmas, I'm telling you. I've been waiting to get my hands on just one of the Demolition figures since the prototypes were first shown off last year. The biggest reason... the entrance gear is just amazing. The pieces are made out of a soft plastic material, and the "spikes" are all sculpted out; on the vest, the gauntlets, and the mask. This is easily one of the best figures I have ever seen. THIS is the stuff Mattel will be known for with this line.

Top to bottom, this is just a mindblowing figure. I know price point has been an issue with other folks since Mattel picked up the license, but for $14.99 (MSPR), I don't see how you can go wrong at all. For my money, is is an absolute steal!

I do want to touch on the material that the straps, the vest, the gauntlets, and vest are made out of - I have read some concern about them. As we all know, well those of us who have been collecting since Elite Series 1, Mattel used a plastic for the Undertaker (hat and coat), and Edge (jacket) that was a harder plastic. Rest assured, earlier when I said SOFT PLASTIC, I really meant it.

It's decievingly soft, bends extremely well, and is easy to remove if you so please.

The only knock I can find to give this figure is that he does not come with a classic tag team championship - which Mattel has yet to produce, so it's really a non-issue. Whenever they do put them out, be sure my Ax (and Smash when I get him), will be proudly displayed on my shelf with the straps.

That's about it for this review! Thanks for reading!



  1. Whats up adam ? I really loved the Pics when you used the Legends carding and had one side focused in & one focused out . You should bring that back.

    thanks , ecresto

  2. i recently got both demolition members and theyre awesome! only thing i dislike is the lack of display bases.

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