Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elite 7 - David Hart Smith

I'm finally back with another review!

It took me some time to acquire this figure, but the wait was well worth it! I'm a... errr... was(?) a huge fan of the Hart Dynasty, in fact I think it was a terrible idea to disband Kidd, Natalya, and Smith.

On the bright side, Mattel still released great Elite style figures of both Tyson and DH, and for that I am very grateful.

This former Undisputed Tag Team Champion comes with a serious headscan, a shirt that is exactly like Tyson Kidd's (no sleeves), some awesome knee pads, trunks that feature his last name across the front, and a pair of boots with the famous maple leaf/wings design.

On the extreme nitpicky side, the boots he is wearing (I am 90% sure) are inaccurate. I don't think Smith ever wore kick pads, but rather boots that were either short, about calve high with laces, or a pair that was without laces entirely... not exactly sure what to call them, but I believe Kane (and MVP) wore a similar style for a time.

Now, don't get me wrong, the boots do not in any way at all look bad, they serve their purpose just fine. To be honest, I'm glad they went with this mold for him, it allowed for them to add deco to the front - which laces would have hindered.

However, and I apologize for harping on the boots, had Mattel have had the WWE license when Undertaker was wearing his lace-less boots, they could have made a unique mold, that in theory, may have worked. For the life of me though, I don't remember how tall they were, and with Smith wearing shorter footwear, it may have not worked after all, but I digress.

The knee pads look phenomenal here too, matching the detailing on his trunks, and thusly matching Tyson Kidd's attire wonderfully. I guess large part of why I loved this team so much, was because I grew up watching The Hart Foundation... you know, aside from the undeniable talent Smith and Kidd have. That said, I just loved seeing the pink and black attack back on my television set... especially with the technical and high flying prowess Kidd has, matched with the strength and power of Smith.

I can't help but hope that one day we see The Dynasty get back together, and once again dominate the tag team scene in the WWE.

Until then, we'll have to watch as David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd continue their singles careers, thankfully (as I said before), I'm just happy we got Elite figures of the son of the British Bulldog, and the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon.

All of that said, I wanted to make another announcement and point out that their is a contest for you guys! Elite 8 is due out soon from Ringside Collectibles, and I'll have a spare Evan Bourne (MOC). If you'd like to enter to win it, you may do so by clicking the graphic on the sidebar and following the instructions!

As always, thank you for your continued support of this blog! Check back soon for MORE (and I do mean a LOT more reviews) in the very near future. Until next time, LONG LIVE THE HART DYNASTY!