Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Defining Moments 2 - Ultimate Warrior

It was written in the tablets, sent down from the Gods in the mountains, THE ULTIMATE FIGURE HAS ARRIVED.

I'm not even going to lie, we all know Warrior wasn't the best in the ring, but his charisma was damn near unmatched - and as a kid there was no bigger fan than me. In fact, my earliest memories of watching wrestling with my late father not only include the Ultimate Warrior, but heavily involve him.

This figure is practically right out of those memories, based on his Career Match with the "Macho King" Randy Savage at WrestleMania Seven in Los Angeles, California.

A lot of people have discovered inaccuracies with this figure, from the Warrior symbol on the back, to the missing tassels on the jacket (which has been explained by Mattel, that it's based on the moments after the match, in which the tassels were not there), and the face paint being a bit wrong. But you know what? I could not care any less! This is by FAR one of the most incredible figures I have ever truly seen in my life. The detail here is just... Holy sh...
Top to bottom, the detail is LOADED. You've got his trunks, reproduced here with both portraits of Savage and Warrior, the WWE Winged Eagle Championship on the back, wristbands with stripes and Warrior symbols, and the knee pads with individual portraits again, of both superstars. Warrior's reads, "Warrior Wildness", while Randy's says, "Macho Madness".

That is all of course, aside from the RIDICULOUS detail on the jacket. Featuring his name across the front, and an explosion on the back, with again, the two participants in the Career Match, both wearing the Winged Eagle belt.

Up until when this figure was released, I'd definitely say this was Mattel's best effort yet (though I think you'll all agree when you see it in person, that Steamboat is THE best, haha).

As far as an Ultimate Warrior goes, if you are, or were a fan, you HAVE to have this figure. Once you see this in person, you'll be absolutely floored and blown away just like I was.

I hope you all enjoyed the review and the photos! Keep those submissions for the Elite 8 Evan Bourne coming!



  1. Inaccuracies aside, I have to agree this figure is VERY impressive when you see it up close.

    I was very tempted to buy it when I found him at a not-so-local Toys R Us last week, but TRU's ridiculous price ($24.99 for those keeping score) kept me from purchasing him.

  2. just a great figure all around.

  3. $39.99 at Toyr r us in Canada