Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Typically, I am a stickler for realism when it comes to ANY kind of collectible, be it at any scale. I generally want size accuracy, as much detail as possible, dead on likeness, and realistic proportions.

Some of those categories, do not fit the WWE Rumblers at all... but you know what? That is part of the appeal to me! These aren't meant to be accurate representations of the Superstars of the WWE, they're cartoony, they're out of proportion, they aren't heavily articulated, and they are SMALL! Coming in around 2 inches tall at most... but man, this is a KILLER line to get into, and insanely fun to collect!

And, it's not like the detail on these are just non-existent either, in fact I'd go out on a limb as far as to say that for the size these little figures are, the detail is MIGHTY impressive. Okay, so 'Taker doesn't have his sleeves, Punk doesn't either, and Edge is missing his ink as well, but the Series 2 Randy Orton DOES have some tattoos. Sure, they aren't accurately placed, but if you've seen the figures in person, I think it's understandable and Mattel deserves a pass. Hopefully, this line gets a little more of a budget so we can start seeing what details are cut, eventually added on.

That said, one of the coolest aspects of this line, is that every character (aside from repaints) have their own bodies in a signature pose! Really lending themselves to having a very unique look figure to figure. They're also damn affordable, ranging around $3-$4 for a single carded figure, or $6-$7 for two! They also have a ring playset, aside from having single figures that come with accessories and "scenes". All I have really left to say is, I doubt Mattel was expecting this to be a real hit with collectors, and mainly sold as a line directed toward children... but I know a LOT of people over 18 that just LOVE these! I really hope we get a couple of more per series, and I'd LOOOOOOOVE to see some "Legends" released (especially The Road Warriors).

Below are individual photos of EACH Rumbler I own. Enjoy!

That's it for now, thanks for reading! - And congrats to Niko who won the "BOURNE TO BE FREE" contest! Your figure is heading out to you tomorrow!



  1. I love the Rumblers series.

  2. Thought this was a brilliant concept when it was first announced. The figures look awesome. Especially like Punk and HBK. I agree, I would love to see some "Legends" in this style.

  3. Thanks for the review and the great pics! I really love this line and can't wait to get more different characters soon. :)

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  5. dude this review made me buy rumblers!loose rumblers have surfaced here in the Philippines and they just cost $2 each...NICE!!!

  6. These things are really awesome but they could use a little more movement

  7. I love world wide entertainment or wwe although its fake my birthday is comin up and I'm goin to be 10 years old and my birthday is in the sraar test uh oh

  8. So, a stomp to the head wouldn't solve that problem. I know I've seen those guys do it dozens of times.